About Me



Born at a very early age: but after that:-

School boy.

Horseman.  (High level of excellence, lots of 1st prize medals and ribbons).  Includes all the rodeo stuff.

World traveller. (Pretty good at that)

University Student. (Not too shabby at this either)

Surveyor.  (Hot shot here – did all the tricky stuff).

Policeman.  (Fun for about 6 years – total 3 convictions, and a couple of gun fights).

Importer / Shopkeeper.  (Not my favourite life episode).

Marksman.  (Very good at this – long guns and short guns).

Business man. (Quite a few successful enterprises).  Including the shady parking company.

Racing Driver. (Clinched the South African off-road championship around 1980).

Explorer.  (Forte – getting things done in Africa).

Professional Hunter. (Would have liked to have done more of this).

Archer / Bow hunter. (Won, and nearly won a couple of world championships / Bow hunting instructor).

Student again.

Immigration Lawyer (Australia).  Very good at this, but eventually tired of it.  Forte – getting bureaucrats to see things my way.

Adventurer.  (The unplanned trip is an adventure), kind of like looking for trouble.

Motorcyclist. (Road and off-road – vast experience).

Author. (Half a dozen short stories – worth reading I am told).

Teacher / Instructor:  Firearms, Mathematics, marksmanship, Archery, motorcycles, adventure and general philosophy.

Character Flaw – Once I learn to do it well, I no longer enjoy doing it.

Weaknesses:  Foreign languages.

Strengths:  Selecting honest interpreters.

I have perhaps a little too much confidence in myself to handle a troubletude of emergencies

All round pretty boy – (There is even a song about this).


I am in love with Henrietta Bocchio.  There is a song about this also.

If I was to do anything else for pay, I hope it would involve research and persuasive writing – I am not as agile as I used to be.

Student again:  Understanding the South African education syllabus. I have re-written the South African High School Maths syllabus.