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To summarize at this point: – For the last couple of centuries the Curleys have not been able to get those things (mentioned above) that they want, by themselves, even though they  have been given every chance, opportunity, and protection to do so.

The Curley’s (non-whites), although I suppose to be more correct, we now have blacks and non-blacks, failure to develop equally – they did not even come close – was rightly or wrongly blamed on apartheid.  Granted the apartheid government was a white minority, and naturally favoured their own.  The non-white response to their obvious Separate Development failure was – Well, if we had our own land and Independent non-white government we would develop equally, if not better than the whites.  Yes, well maybe.

During the late 1970s the Bantu members of the non-white population were given their own independently black governed countries, at the expense of the white minority government.  These countries were called Independent Homelands, or Bantustans.  But in fact, they were fully operational countries.  They were complete with Government Offices, roads, streets, operating mines, hotels, gambling casinos, industries, game reserves, townships etc.  Some even had their own Border Posts, including customs and immigration facilities.  As far as I can remember, anyone was invited to move into these new promising countries and live there under very favourable conditions, at least tax-wise.  The names Bophuthatswana, Kangwane, Venda, Gazankulu and Transkei come to mind.  I personally assisted some of these governments professionally (engineering surveying) in technical matters for a few years.  To me it was plain to see, that these Independent Countries, while initially happy with their new land, infrastructure, and independent government, were just going to sit as is, and experience slow deterioration.  The expected migration (and investment) from white governed areas, just did not take place.  It appeared most Bantu, and all mixed race peoples preferred to stay in white governed areas.

The Independent status quo of these countries remained liberally dormant until 1994 when black majority rule was established in South Africa, and these Independent Countries were incorporated back into South Africa, as I recall, without resistance.

They had had enough of this independent / do it yourself fandangle.  To my mind, none of these Independent countries developed one iota.  Why was that ??  I wonder.   One subtle suggestion is, the Curleys only want what the Straightys want, if they can take it from Straightys, or infiltrate it, without going through the effort, hard work and embarrassment of developing, and maintaining it independently, and then failing.  Even though it was given freely in the first place.  Perhaps the fear of trying, and being seen to fail, prevents the effort in the first place.  In my view, this weighs heavy on the Curley’s mind.  In the case of these Independent Homeland Countries, there was really no one else to blame.  Try as they might.

The other not-so-subtle suggestion is, the Curleys do not yet have the evolutionary background, education, inclination or capacity to do so.  Not a lot to be proud of in this day and age.  I believe the Curleys of today’s Africa are on the verge of realizing, but not admitting, they do not have the capacity, however described, to build and manage a modern economic business, society, or country.

This now is the crux of this paper.

My favourite historian / anthropologist informs me that after the Romans left Britain, it was another 400 years until the British produced a written document.  But, they were busy growing up.  Whether they knew it or not, I do not know.  If a comparison can be made, that would put the Southern African Bantu (and other Curlies throughout the world) at the juvenile or early teenager level (depending on chronology) of development / growing up.  In the Straighties timeline, that is about the age when he realizes he still has a lot to learn, before he can take on adulthood.  I gotta get that education!

Since 1994, South Africa’s Curley government have unwittingly offered further evidence of their inability to kick-off, and maintain any kind of feasible project for their own benefit.

For example, their promise to create jobs was met by the government employing huge numbers of duplicate government positions for Curlies, knowing full well they would not be able to get jobs elsewhere.

The Curley government almost immediately introduced land claims, knowing full well their comrades would not be able to acquire land by themselves.  The Curley government introduced a 55% pass mark at the schools knowing full well their children would not qualify for university otherwise.  To add further insult to their High School students, the Curley government introduced easier subjects, such as Maths Literacy, instead of Maths proper. The Curley government embraced (Infact Legislated) Affirmative Action, and Black Economic Empowerment, because they knew their brothers and sisters would not be able to get a job or start a business by themselves.  The Curley government has allotted billions of Rands to achieve what they call Transformation in Sport, because they knew their Curley sportsmen, sportswomen, and administrators would not be able to start their own cricket, rugby or golf club.   Rather invade an existing club.  BAM – Black Automatic Membership.

As an aside, it must be obvious, to any observer, that automatic membership of a sporting team, based on anything except skill in that particular sport is detrimental to, and dilutes the skill, of that team.  How can this practice be good for that team / club / sport? ?   I submit, it is much better to play and win, than to simply play.  It struck me as “logically illogical”, when the South African minister for sport recently said “Racism is bad for transformation in sport”, but did not add that transformation in sport is bad for the sport itself.

A lot of this “Trying to make it easier on themselves” enacting, was carried out by the Curley Government under the banner of “Putting right the injustices of the past” along with constant references to the Separate Development / Apartheid regime – but not the Independent Homelands schemes.  The term “Previously Disadvantaged” has been flogged to death.  But to be brutally honest, the term “Always Disadvantaged” with respect to modern economy style living would be more appropriate.  After all, these blameworthy, race based reasons have been used as excuses for failure, for more than 70 years now.

Now, we have been through “Separate Development” where the Curleys failed to develop equally, we have been through Apartheid (Another name for Separate Development).

We have been through the “Independent Homelands” scenario, where, with the best of planning, facilities and intentions, failed to develop.  We have now completed twenty two years of Proudly, Black Majority Government, here in South Africa, and growth is now approaching zero.  The beginning of that twenty two years started off with a fully operational country, with a decent foreign exchange rate, good export / import balance of payments, a fully functioning international style Post Office, reliable water supplies, reliable rubbish collection, reliable electricity supply (so important for commerce & industry), reliable food prices, stable fuel prices, and above all a system of cheap and reliable commuter transport networks.  To point at just a few deteriorating government operations.  Then there is the litany of failed government projects for all to see.  For example:- the Johannesburg E-toll impossibility, the failure to complete the two new proposed mega coal-fired power stations, the stagnation in kicking off a nuclear energy program – even though the government has been committed to it for the last three years.  Then there is the scandalous waste of resources on projects such as Motor vehicles for the president’s wives, private villages, and executive jet planes for the president himself.  And perhaps some kind reader can tell me who actually benefits from the willy-nilly name changes to streets, towns and cities.  Did I mention the apparently never-ending destruction of property such as universities, schools, school busses, roads, commuter trains, hospitals – to name a few – that the government controlled police are unable and / or unwilling (or forbidden) to prevent.

Infact, Government initiated economic development plans have come to a standstill, not because of upcoming elections, although that plays a part. I believe, because the Black Government (I have now abandoned the use of the terms Straighty and Curly, A spade is now a spade) have now (July 2016) fully realized, but not admitted, they do not have the wherewithal, capacity or confidence to successfully plan and implement any new economically viable project or policy.  This must be a terrible, psychological predicament to find oneself in.  Not only for the Black Government as an identity, but the huge workforce employed by the too numerous to mention, Departments of that entity, and its ministers.  I believe even the black man and woman in the street, and in the homelands have almost simultaneously, arrived at this same realization (they must have by now).

I have a certain amount of sympathy for the black psychic in this regard, because in my own lifetime, where there had been goals and ambitions, that I was certain I could achieve, but as time dragged on, mishaps occurred, and the failures mounted up, I had to conclude that I am not designed for that particular high level of achievement, and had to give up the pretence.  Pretty disappointing, but I had other ambitions to turn to, and could afford to admit defeat.  But what can our Black Government do??

It is contrary to the black psychic to ask for outside help, or admit ignorance, fault or failure, and certainly they are running true to character, as no realization of failure has been admitted to my limited knowledge.  Certainly accusations of blame are fired off to all other groups, parties and races.  The talk is becoming louder and less articulate, but it is clear to see, that it consists of more promises, to cover the shortfalls, and claims that racism on the part of white people has made it too difficult for the government to fulfill its promises.  How feeble can you get!!  The black people of Southern Africa, have for some time now, boasted of their fine attributes, their traditional ways, their physical appearance, and rich cultural history (Albeit written by others).  But when accused of possessing or resembling these African attributes, it is immediately obvious they are not as proud of themselves, as they claim to be, and rebuttals of racism is their only answer.  To my mind this is very close to an admission of inability.  I repeat – this must be a sad psychologically state to find one’s self in.

In fact only yesterday (03 July 2016) it was reported (News 24), that some black official wants government to enact a bill, criminalizing the so called “Racist Remark”, without offering a definition.  He did say it would be difficult.  To that, I can concur – half of this paper is devoted to understanding and defining a “Racist Remark”.

To my mind there are three options available to those government ministers, officials and individuals, who have reached the realization, and are unable to admit it. (1). To deny any misgivings and short-falls, and continue to mismanage the country into over-populated, under-educated poverty. (2) For those who have reached the realization, and admitted it (other than privately).  To stand up straight, kick-off the party-political chains, think hard, study something (like elocution), and make a conscientious effort to do things properly – and corruption free.  This is probably wishful thinking, and would need action by the whole of government from the top down.  I suspect it would be a drawn out process, and take too long to be effective.  But a brand new determined government might be able to pull it off.  (3). For those Africans in government office, and the government as a distinct identity, along with its ministers and staff who have reached realization and admitted it freely. – Ask for, and be prepared to accept, HELP.  This would mean actively and willingly allowing qualified white people, and non-blacks, into the government – and displacing some unqualified black people.  Like the sporting teams – selection would be based on qualifications, experience, skill, and ability – nothing else.  The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996, allows for this, infact encourages it.  And, I believe this final option, would render racism no more noticeable than the trees on the mountain.

With all the black Africans I am friends with, have dealings with, and who are casual acquaintances.  I make a point of talking as much as is naturally possible to Africans in country towns, at roadside establishments, and in shops, businesses and farms.  And it is usually me who wants something.  Racism is not mentioned, or even hinted at, one way or the other.  To my mind no one wants it, or cares about it (except government), at least not at that level of social interaction.  I suppose there are exceptions.  We all mostly understand each other’s differences well enough (not perfectly) to get along.  Now it is interesting to note, that while electioneering political parties, particularly the current ruling party, are shouting anti – white, and white racist rhetoric, this sentiment does not exist outside the government’s own mind set.  It seems to be not what their potential supporters / voters want, or are hoping for.  This leads me to believe that the current government is very misguided in its current racial policies, and understanding of its voters, come to think of it, most of their policies are misguided because these policies are based on race to various degrees.


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  1. I find this article quite mind boggling. Never looked at racism in this light before. Jim, I have read this twice and will read again and again. You are keeping me up very late reading your writings

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