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PREAMBLE:  For about 3 decades now I have been of the opinion that the civilization I live in today (November 2015) could have existed in a similar fashion in the past, any amount of times.  When someone sees, hears or conceives of an almost non comprehensible idea, and makes the comment “That would be far in the future”, then my counter comment would be “or far into the past”.  It would be too coincidental that past evolution, and scientific / technical development followed the same path that led us to where we are today.  Even though the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics remain unchanged.  For example past pathways could easily have missed / not discovered electricity or perhaps radio, but made better use of light.  Or perhaps did not discover immunization, but instead hit upon an all-encompassing health pill.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of basic social and technological pathways which could have got us to approximately where we are today.  Some of these pathways fizzling out prematurely, but other pathways taking us beyond the socio-technical point we are at today.  It is hard to see where these evolutionary / technology pathways will end, and why would they end, and not just keep going. I believe they certainly must end.  Given enough time anything can happen ! !

Another intriguing question I ask myself is just how far back would we go before we pick up the trail and start again?  Back to the monkeys, the apes, the club, the bow and arrow, agriculture, dark ages, the industrial revolution, the gun, the carbon age? ?  I guess this would depend on the cause of the retreat, and under whose orders.  It could be gradual or sudden.  It also warrants some consideration that a retreat to the past could be thought of as a justifiable solution to the mounting problems of the foreseeable future.  After all, there has been better times.

Up until recently (beginning of 2015) I had certain reservations with my own theory, about how, and what, would cause our current pathway to dead-end, or gradually fizzle-out.  To all appearances cutting edge technology with regard to human comfort, healthy life style, transport and communications seem to be progressing to the benefit of all mankind.

But suddenly the causes of a socio-technological turn around, are starting to subtly present themselves.  They are:-                                                               

Massive unfettered over population, coupled with poor quality education.  Also in many societies, and to talk straight, I am referring to previously colonized, and now self-governing so called nations, lying mainly between the Tropics.  In these nations at grass roots level, there exists a belief / culture / political opinion / tradition, of doing just enough to feed, shelter and water themselves, and their immediate families.  By aiming for just enough, one often falls short, because of unusual or “unforeseen circumstances”, such as drought, civil / social unrest, political upheaval, equipment breakdown and disease / sickness.  At leadership level the belief / culture / political opinion / tradition, is steal as much as they can while they are in power, with scant regard to the “Just Enoughers”, except where their vote is required, but the vote is mostly bought cheaply.

The “unforeseen circumstances” mentioned above, are infact of such frequent occurrence that they could only be identified as excuses for not meeting the target. Because these events have happened often enough in the past, it would be reasonable to have some sense of anticipation coupled with preparedness, but it seems not.  Other events and mind-sets such as pregnancy (among woman workers), an unrealistic sense of entitlement (among men), a change in the weather, deterioration of road / rail systems, and the fact that last time there was a short fall some or other Aid Agency helped them out, can most definitely  be construed as excuses (Charity in the long run is Crippling).  The “Extended Family” syndrome, especially in Africa, exacerbates the short-fall.  Why would a family or social group produce more than they need if tradition demands that they give it to the neighbouring or related family that did not produce enough??   The population explosion of course continues exponentially and unabated.

Under these circumstances there is some time, but no money or inclination to advance whatever education system (usually geared to a basic rural requirement level) that is in place.  Again the aim is for just enough, and again it often falls short.  This is despite efforts of international agencies / NGOs to infuse a more advanced level of education.  The restraints are many.  The most obvious are language, education, culture and political will.

There are innumerable native languages spoken between the tropics (New Guinea and Africa alone have hundreds).

Over and above this, is the traditional, political and self-righteous stubbornness to maintain the home language, and discard the by now, highly developed and advanced colonial languages of what was the colonizing power.  This is self-destructive to modern advancement.  Worse still, it will take at least three, but probably many more generations to become proficient enough in one (or more) of the now modern colonial languages to even start on an advanced modern technical education.  As an example, I cite – German, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish as now highly developed and technologically advanced languages that one can do something with.  By contrast, one could not build, say an aircraft with only Ethiopian, Zulu, Arunta, Eskimo, Swazi, Aztec or Congolese.  Language and understanding is important beyond the grasp of most.  But the population explosion continues.

But in these nations advancement, education and particularly Information Technology (cell / smart phones, TV and Internet) is not at a complete standstill.  Albeit at different rates, and the consequential impact varies in a multitude of ways.  One tude for sure, is that after a short time of having access to international media (in any language, because it is accompanied by pictures) the rural nations I am referring to, will put 2 and 2 together, and start to think outside the plough, plant and reap box.  They will have visions (absorbed from the TV and Internet screens, and radio speakers) of the easy and glamorous life in the cities.  But those before them have already crowded the cities to bursting point.  The newcomers arrive with their sub-standard rural education, and Non-technical, Non-commercial language, that they find

will only fit into the outer dregs of that particular town or city’s economy, and they have to actually buy their food.  Big surprise, like a car on the road.

The only chance they have got, is to seek assistance from members of their own language group, and hopefully extended family members.  As is there way, the extended family member may feel obliged to help, but this would depend on the nearness of the family relationship, and their ability to offer such assistance.

In either case this scenario delays, and more likely permanently postpones their introduction to the now High Tech colonial language.  They are stuck.  For now ! !

Their predecessors (already in the cities) having been longer exposed to political hogwash, a Hodge Podge of religious beliefs, and a slightly higher standard of International TV / Internet, and propaganda from who knows who – depicting the charm of the outside world, and with their sense of entitlement, and not to mention their interpretation of the United Nations convention on refugees, and the New York Protocol, have already come to another conclusion.  We should actually go to where these delights are ready and waiting for the taking.  This in in accordance with the refugee “Mind Set” – once we have destroyed one location – filthed it up, diluted its culture and language, and overloaded its resources and infrastructure, and generally left a mess – then move on to a more pristine, intact environment.

As some of these delightful attractions include former “Colonial Powers” who, by the way owe us a living, and are signatories to the United Nations Convention on Refugees.  I should point out at this time there are several definitions of who / what constitutes a refugee.  My own definition, based on close experience is:-“The guy who stabbed his mother in the back, took the $10 and ran”, losing his/her documents on the way (but not his / her smart phone).  The United Nations has a slightly different definition – too long to recite here.

So to summarize at this point the migration (although not technically migrants) from Rural to Urban can not be described as a roaring success.  The numbers in the city have swelled to enormous proportions, and have in general lowered the standard of living, health and language.  The landlords, gang bosses, and drug lords (who were there when they arrived from the rural areas) never ever became friendly, and only ever treated them as an income stream.  There was a ground swell, but it needed a push – to the promised land/s.  These lands would include those with a fairly stable government, Signatory to United Nation’s convention for refugees, or who otherwise made refugees welcome, no “Border Fences”, and a Social Security system that could be exploited.

Those lands include most countries in Europe, The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and funnily enough (and less recently) South Africa.  But where did the push come from ??  What is the trigger ? ?  And more importantly, what do these countries have in common ? ?  And more importantly still – what do the populations of these countries have in common ? ?

These are intriguing questions.  Here are some of the answers, based on my own considerable experience in Africa and Australia, and other peoples experience in the Eastern Mediterranean and the so-called Middle East (Turkey to India).   First of all word gets around, by means of the newly acquired digital communicators, language / family group gatherings (Little else to talk about), church/faith/religious groups who have an interest in clearing the streets and spreading the word, people smugglers (in cooperation with the local and nearby Gang Bosses) who know someone with a truck/boat/bus, and, I suspect other organizations and governments who can see an advantage to themselves by destroying / weakening / diluting another country’s structures.  Germany is a good current example, who is at present undergoing undue strain, and will most likely suffer permanent damage from non-German Invaders, to the benefit of another industrial country. What a shame.

Religion, or more correctly, the inherent non-productive beliefs of some, and the arrogance of other faiths who are convinced they are superior solely because of their religious belief.  History does seem to tell us that some, maybe most, religions / faiths / beliefs somehow consider themselves to be superior – have more God-given rights than others – and are magically protected from whoever / whatever they are fighting, invading, stealing from or persecuting.  I cite what little I know about the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, and today’s Muslim asylum seekers.  Probably some of these “Belief Groups” were superior, but not because of their religion, but because of their culture, technology and language that allowed them to advance in most fields – including industry, war and colonization.  Of course, if there did happen to be a superior belief (and there are many to choose from), those believers would be ruling the world by now and have things pretty much their own way.  Would this “Superior Belief group” want others to join them, or keep their superiority to themselves?

I suspect they would want to keep their superiority to themselves, and keep others subservient to them.    But in fact, for the fanatical believers it seems their circumstances and conditions could not get much worse. I suspect that is why they are streaming to not so fanatical belief regimes.

I have been often asked to join in prayer for this, that and/or the other thing – a popular one being to pray for peace in the Middle East, but, I ask wasn’t that tried before?  Well, yes it was, but it did not work!  Why would that be ? ?

And while I am at it – what has religion got to do with sex, births, marriage and funerals ? ? ?  There can only be one answer, and that is because it is a man-made institution, whose leaders want to infuse themselves into all aspects of human endeavour.  It is after all, a comfy living for those leaders.  That might be a good thing (like some, but not many governments) but, those leaders, like the refugees, are stuck in antiquity with primitive rights, wrongs and traditions, no high-tech language to advance with (nor the desire to do so), and have promoted more than their own fair share of wars.

I have never known, nor heard of religious leaders promoting mass education in more than a superficial way, and then with an ulterior self-serving motive.  What I have heard of, are religious wars and persecution, and have even seen it first hand, to varying degrees of violence and passivity.  I do not know of any religious belief, or doctrine that promotes birth control, or even hints at it.  It is almost as if education and knowledge is finite, and can only be divided into very small pieces so there will be enough for everyone.  This appears to be the aim of most religions, and their leaders, they certainly devote enough time to this end.  And why not, it is a tried and proven method to keep your masses in the fold (until now).  But while you can fool some of the people some of the time, you can not fool all the people all of the time.  The human species (but not all races) has a natural thirst for knowledge, because, with it, comes prestige, wealth, and sometimes power – not to be sniffed at! !   This is why, like the refugees described above, and with the aid of their newly acquired digital communicators, sooner or later become discontent in their knowledge strangled belief fold.  It is now later ! !

This renaissance may not see themselves as ignorant, but they do have a sneaking suspicion they are missing out on something somewhere, based on hearsay and what they have seen and heard on their newly acquired TVs, cell phones, radios and the Internet, which is only hearsay anyway – but with pictures.    Again, before you know it we have another ground swell, and the word still gets around, and the normal forces come into play.  Another tsunami is out of the starting blocks.

This new group (now technically migrants (but still the same people)) from one country to another – albeit uninvited) differs only slightly from the rural to urban farming groups mentioned above, in that they have definite intentions, and a leadership of some description.  Because of the knowledge limiting fold they are escaping from, their language, and general know-how, will again only fit into the outer dregs of the commerce & society they are intending to infiltrate.

Depending on exactly what religion / belief they are burdened with, their expectations of entitlement from the outside world may vary slightly from that of the previously mentioned ruralites, but for different reasons.  The common ruralite’s sense of entitlement stems from his/her colonial background to a certain degree.  That belief is, that the colonists moved out with everything, and left them (as they were found) with nothing.  The colonialists actually left plenty, in terms of infrastructure, but it was not utilized or maintained.  And the Non-European perception of the European to another degree, and it is in the nature of the beast.  The extended family syndrome mentioned above, now extends to the rest of the world.  The rest of the world has somehow magically produced more than the migrants, and should therefore hand over some of the difference.

Over and above this there is a sense of entitlement, a “Dependency Syndrome” which has developed in the form of a “Chip on the Shoulder”.  I have noticed that the size of the chip on the shoulder, is directly proportional to the hue of the shoulder.

The reason for this later sense of entitlement overlaps into the “Belief Foldies” superior belief to a certain extent.  The Foldies derive most of their sense of entitlement from the belief that their religious faith is superior (and therefore they themselves), to that of the dominant religion and population in the land they intend to infiltrate.  This is evident in the fact that they expect the host society to provide them with religious symbols, such as mosques, churches, magic carpets etc.  While they are happy to pay the people smugglers (of similar hue I suppose) in the land they are departing, they become quite belligerent when asked to pay for food or medicine in the land of milk and honey, and I forget how many virgins.

The Chippies derive most of their sense of entitlement from the perception that the Host Country they are now invading, had historically left them with nothing, and should therefore pay some, or all, of the ill-gotten gains back.  Strangely enough, some previously Colonizing Countries are willing to do so, to a limited extent, but not to the extent of denuding themselves of all they have built and worked for.

I am equally sure the Foldies and Chippies are aware which countries are signatories to the UN convention on refugees, and which are holding out the “Welcome Mat”, after all word still gets around.

The push and shove comes from the usual suspects mentioned in connection with the Ruralites, with the additional influence, I suspect, of the faith fanatics, aided and abetted by some other regime that can see an advantage in disrupting an opposition regime.  This would most likely be another semi-industrialized country and/or another group of Faith Fanatics.

However the cause does not really matter.  The combined effect of a tsunami (and I mean untold millions) of Ruralites and Foldies, which now include Chippies, without a decent language and education between them, and the potential for conflict on religious, language and racial grounds is almost certain.  Invading civilized industrial countries will cause a decline in everything worth working for and thinking about.

Their popularity with the “Welcome Mat” brigade will fade to a significant degree.  It will be tough going, and language, racial and religious groups will seek out their own (After all, we are all racists).  The dictionary – last time I looked – defines racism as “Favouring your own”, not much wrong with that.  I suspect Languagism, Teamism and Religiousism would have similar, no, the exact same meaning – “Favouring your Own”.  (As an aside to this theme, I have often thought the answer to the so called problems of racism, would be full on Racism).  The propensity for language, religious and racial groups to congregate in their own groups, and most likely shun the high-tech language and customs of their generous host nation, would in short time burrow into the resources of that host nation, and its neighbours.  Eventually short-cuts, mis-managements and important maintenances would fall by the wayside.

The journey back from the future would have started !!  I cite South Africa and Germany as a current day examples.

There is an official estimate of six million foreign nationals in South Africa, out of a total of seventy to eighty million.  The estimate of foreign nationals does not say what percentage is legal or illegal, nor does it say how the number is arrived at.  The total population is an extrapolation from a rather scurrilous census carried out about a decade ago.   I know from various sources, and personal experiences that most of them have Identity Documents and / or Passports from surrounding countries including Mozambique (ex-Portuguese), Zimbabwe (ex-English), Namibia (ex-German), Angola (ex-Portuguese), Lesotho, Swaziland, and a variety of countries further to the north.  I also know from similar sources and experiences that many foreigners have entered South Africa clandestinely through our rather porous borders such as the Limpopo River, Swaziland and the Kruger Park.  I should point out that the European languages mentioned above have been very much diluted in these countries, and are nowhere near the high-tech / commercial languages they were, and are, in Europe today.  On top of that, the now independent countries in Africa have deliberately denigrated the original European colonial language (except where necessary for trade etc.) in favour of the predominant native language.  This is the political nature of the beast.

The result is, that although some of these foreign nationals do find paid work (much to the disgruntlement of the South African nationals – hence xenophobia), they do not bring any worthwhile skills – language or otherwise.  They also repatriate most of their earnings back to their families in the surrounding countries.  This is obscurely related to the old South African tradition of formally recruiting thousands of workers from the surrounding countries, and land locked Lesotho & Swaziland for contract employment on the gold mines in a previous era.  The current South African government (being racists in accordance with the dictionary meaning) are naturally keen to favour their own, and allow almost unfettered access to South Africa to those of similar hue.  This influx does nothing to develop a high-tech / commercial language – infact a crude mine labourers language (called Fanagalo) has been put in place to allow some kind of communications with the many linguistic groups lumped together in the workplace.  Again doing nothing to incorporate or adopt a high-tech / commercial language.  Worse still, the South African government has introduced by law, that they term “Black Economic Empowerment” (BEE), this seems to have replaced “Affirmative Action”, which, granted, was a bit vague.  The result being that if you are black in hue, then you are automatically sufficiently qualified for commercial employment / appointment, with no regard to language or numeracy.  Commercial companies are forced to employ – by law – a BEE Partner.  So again, there was no incentive to develop or adopt a high–tech / commercial language, or if so, to such a poor standard it was of no benefit to the user or the country or the region.  In fact I suspect poor language has caused an inordinate number of accidents, mistakes, and misunderstandings in South Africa today.  Infact it is painfully obvious that the Southern African Vocal Chords are just not suited to pronouncing English words and sentences (A theory at this stage).  It could also be just lack of formal education – elocution, or dilution by invader languages).  Myself and my neighbours, colleagues and friends, all agree we can not understand our ministers, departmental heads, mayors, police chiefs etc. etc. etc. when they speak English.  One naturally wonders if they can understand each other.  Of course there are notable exceptions.

To exacerbate this problem the black government elected to incorporate eleven official languages – two of which are English and Afrikaans.  Now with English (remember this is about language), you can colonize half of the world, design and build ocean going ships, as well as aeroplanes, nuclear reactors and space craft.  Afrikaans is no mug’s language either.  With Afrikaans you can design and build roads, railways, dams, tunnels, mines, farms, motor vehicles, bridges and even a variety of small aeroplanes.  I have first-hand experience of this.  To me, it is beyond disingenuous when the government suggests that the Department of Education should abandon Afrikaans in favour of one or another indigenous language.  I suspect there may be deeper than stated psychological reasons in play here.  A feeble attempt to level the linguistic playing field, but to no good purpose, except maybe the “feel better about it” syndrome.

Language: – Trying to make do in 21st century technology with an old or dialect language because of traditional, cultural or political reasons.  For example in South Africa by discarding Afrikaans which has a solid engineering, farming, mining and industrial background, and replacing it with a native language will not even get us through the Carbon Age.  Certainly not into the Nuclear Age.

The dangers of the so called Extended Family Syndrome.  This is when a particular, family, village or tribe is afraid / reluctant to produce more than they need, because, they would only be obliged to give it away to a neighbouring family, village or tribe who did not, for any reason, produce enough for themselves.  This goes for any salary, wage, or good fortune that might come one way, but not the other.  They are obliged to share it, and therefore there is never any excess – always a shortfall.

Nuclear Energy: – that is Heat and Electricity derived from Nuclear Reactors.  And this now is the crux and purpose of this paper.  It is not so much the power source itself, but the dithering and about-turns by governments, political parties, providers and financiers.  Ironically the Stumbling Blocks to Nuclear Electricity are few, namely: – Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, Government Corruption and Interference, and Safety.  Funnily enough the safety camps seem to focus on only, either one aspect, but not the other.  One camp is only concerned with accidents during the operational life of the plant, while the other camp is only concerned with the safe disposal of the spent fuel.  The Nuclear Age must inevitable replace the Carbon Age, and it is my hope it will be fully embraced before the Toxic Emissions we ingest world-wide injure our health and agriculture, or the coal, oil and gases are depleted, and the resulting wars for the last few resources kill us all – either way.  Nuclear Reactors, used to generate electricity has huge, almost unimaginable potential.  An unfettered abundance of electricity that can be used to power industry, power cities, power automobiles, pump water – even desalinate seawater for irrigation and drinking water.  The newer “Fast Breeder Reactors” can generate their own fuel after start-up, and run for 60 to 80 years on fuel that one man can carry in the first instance.  There is enough nuclear material in old warheads around the world to fuel reactors for hundreds of years.

There is next to zero radioactive waste from these modern reactors. The technology for Nuclear Reactors, Electricity Generation and Battery Storage of Electricity is here already, and within our grasp.  But it is a fragile grasp, and will only come into effect if the Technologies and the Languages and Resources used to develop them remain intact and undiluted.  And here lies the whole point of this paper.

The Right of Entitlement, The Dependency Syndrome and the consequences of these mind-sets are, like charity, in the long run crippling, and the consequences can be compared to shooting oneself in the foot (with a magnum revolver).  Some real life examples are: – If the train breaks down, set it on fire, this way the train will not break down again, and if the university is not free, then set it on fire too, this way the university will never be able to charge a fee.  The refugees in Germany, when they discover they have to buy their own medicine, proceed to trash the hospital.  Garbage workers when on strike in Johannesburg, not only leave the bins uncollected – they overturn the bins and set them on fire.  But of course there will now be no train, no hospital, no garbage bins and no university, but plenty of disease and disorder.  A free degree is probably worth the same as a free lunch, maybe less. Logically Illogical !!    As I said to a group of black female students (I coach maths) who were complaining about having to pay University Fees – “To pay your fees the government must first take money from someone.  That someone will probably be a company, it could be the company that you hope will employ you when you graduate.  But now that company, due to over taxing has lost the capacity (and probably the desire) to employ you with your cheap education”.   Predictably the response was blank stares.  I should have mentioned this Logically Illogical mind-set as another Stumbling Block in the way of Nuclear Energy.

To Re-summarise:  We are nearing the end of the current Carbon Age.  It has had a good long run – since the Industrial Revolution.  But now there is too much evidence that the Pollutive Emissions from the Coal / Gas / Oil Fired Power Stations, Steel Works, Metal Smelters and General Heavy Industry is causing serious Human, Animal and Fish health problems worldwide – Not just where these plants exist, but more so in their vicinity.

The millions of everyday Automobiles are also contributing to the pollution of the atmosphere we inhale every minute.  There is enough statistical evidence to support the claim that this pollution significantly contributes to an increase in Cancer and other respiratory illnesses.  Some scientists believe this unfettered pollution contributes to Global Warming and Droughts.  However there are growing bodies of Meteorologists and Geologists who dispute this.    The costs associated with these illnesses and follow-on downtime and loss of production are well known to scientists, accountants, doctors and managers.  They do not like it, – neither do I – but what can be done about it.  A few modifications can be made to the plants, such as installing scrubbers, filters and higher smoke stacks, but after that, all they can do is keep quiet and plod along.  There are too many Jobs, Businesses and General Establishments at stake to rock this boat.  This down-side pressure will increase exponentially from now on.

If the exponential rate of sickening and dying of humanity does not put a stop to the Carbon Age before resources of coal, gas and oil are nearly exhausted, then the wars fought over those last few remaining deposits will probably kill us all.  The present supply of these resource seems to be humongous and never ending, but world population and the demand for power and goodies continues unabated, so it is hard to say when.   Of course it is pretty stupid to directly burn oil as a raw fuel – it has so many other uses, we will still need oil as a lubricant for all sorts of machinery, to make jet fuel, and it is the base material for manufacturing plastic etc.  I think most industrialists know this.

Some Educated Guesses put it at only 30 more years.  A lot of us alive now will still be around when this happens. Pretty exciting times ahead Huh ? ?  In South Africa, I see several new Coal Mines and new Coal Fired Power Stations under construction, and I hear similar stories from Australia and the USA – The rush is on ! !  Where will it end ? ?

Some Options:

Plan A.  Stop burning Fossil Fuels (Coal, Gas, and Oil) right now, save the health of the planet’s populations, learn to live with a vastly reduced electricity supply from wind and sun, reduce the world’s population by about 75% and figure out what to do with the millions of automobiles / aeroplanes and billions of kilometres of major roads / railways / runways.  Pretty simple eh?  But nah, too much effort.  You would need to convince the world’s politicians, Trade Unions, Organized Religion, and Big Business etc. etc. etc.  But wait, Trade Unions could probably do this by themselves – just stop their salaries.  They do not seem to need a motive for their past strikes, destruction and stoppages.  But alas, there would be no salary increase at the conclusion of the stoppage.  It is a surprise to me that Organized Religion has not seen this scenario approaching and offered some wisdom from the bible or the koran.  Well, I am not very surprised!!  I suspect neither the Bible, nor the Koran know much about Nuclear Energy, or Electricity for that matter.  Note: This plan does have some merit in terms of love, health and happiness (which many preach), but would reverse civilization back to before the Industrial Revolution.  There would be no reverting to the Carbon Age, because the resources are all but depleted.  Another advantage of this plan is that future generations would not need to worry too much about accidentally stumbling upon huge stock piles of Radio Active Waste.  Only the little bit that has been buried to date.

Plan B: Carry on as is, maintain the Status Quo, Business as Usual, until the resources are almost depleted, and assuming we have not all succumbed to Lung Cancer and Tuberculous.  Then go through the Resource Wars to string out our unhappy and unhealthy lives a little longer.  But those remaining would be left in a poor state, the world would be in a broken mess, maybe a few Nuclear Explosions were detonated in the process. – No technology, No infrastructure, and they would still have no choice but to reverse civilization back to, back-to-where? Horse and Cart, Bow and Arrow, Ape, Monkey.  One long Dark Age, and there would be no Industrial Revolution on the horizon.  Maybe some other discovery we have not yet found, may emerge, who knows.  The beauty of this plan is that it is not a plan at all. It will happen by its self.  No fancy political foot-work required, no scheming and planning required, you do not have to deliberately kill 75% of the population, but you can if you want to –

that will come out in the final wash.  Religion will not come into it, just survival, survival, survival, and no divine intervention is likely, and left with a clean belief slate, the survivors would be unburdened by a confusion of beliefs.  Hopefully, just plain old unadulterated common sense will prevail.  Just sit back and let it happen.  This could be a good plan, but only for those in the right place at the right time.  Wherever, and whenever that may be.  Those with above average nous might come out of it smiling, but it is pretty risky.  The same Plan A benefit, of minimum Radio Active Waste scattered around the world would also apply here.

Plan C:

To immediately embrace Nuclear Energy, and I mean Immediately ! !  The stumbling blocks to Nuclear Energy as I mentioned earlier are few, and right now they are surmountable, but only just, and there is only a very short “Time Window” of opportunity to do this.  The Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island Stumbling Blocks can be taken off the list by sound logical and scientific argument, coupled with the latest technology and construction designs.  There are a goodly number to choose from.  The Government Corruption & Interference Stumbling Block can be partially overcome by solid negotiations and wriggle-proof contractual agreements between the Nuclear Haves, and the Nuclear Have-nots.  It should be pointed out here that Government Interference includes – Failure to act on commitments, the inability to act on commitments by reason of ignorance and lack of basic modern scientific and commercial education with which to build a solid understanding.  Or a completely otherwise private agenda.  This is particularly important when dealing with the “Logically Illogical” mentality found in many African Regimes.  It is in their culture and tradition to want a share of the purchase price.  Irrespective of whether they are buying or selling.  Interference is a favourite tool.  So the contract should clearly state “You pay, we provide”.  No ifs, buts or indulgences.  Contractual Due Diligence is absolutely vital.

But these are not the only difficulties.  Governments and populations who wish to avail themselves of Nuclear Energy must be in a sound Political, Educational, Social, Industrial, and Employment state.  With no distractions, confusions, or dilutions of their attributes.  Nuclear Energy takes a great deal of understanding.  With the consequential abundance of Electricity even more people need to have an “Energy Understanding” to be productive.  Dealing with the Positive Attributes:

Political – A strong well-ordered educated ruling party and opposition parties who can hold their own with the rest of the world, in all respects.  People who work hard for the wellbeing of the country and its citizens.  Parliamentarians who do not dither, or have favourites or private agendas.  South Africa has lost this, Germany is losing it, the USA is doing its best to hang onto it, and Australia has most of it still, but no desire to embrace Nuclear Energy.

Education – The National Education program must be right up to date, particularly in the Engineering and Chemical syllabi.  Again, no pandering to lazy and not so academic students, but offering scholarship type benefits to those who obtain genuine good results, and not based on favouritism of any description.  Needlessly to say teachers and lecturers should be encouraged and treated accordingly.  The same requirements must apply to the Departments of Education in any Nuclear Aspiring country.   South Africa has lost this completely, Germany is desperately hanging onto it, the USA is still sound but on guard, and Australia is still sound in this respect, but focusing on other than nuclear electricity production.

Social – By this I mean a population that is comfortable and co-operative within its self.  Social Services such as the Post Office, State Pensions, Legal System, Health Insurance systems, Water and Electricity supplies, Road and Rail maintenance & construction,  must all be in good order, and reliable.  South Africa has lost varying degrees of these services, but enough to erode reliability, Germany is starting to lose theirs, but hanging on, and the USA is mostly in tact but getting shaky.  Australia is in pretty good shape in this respect, but still burning coal.

Industrial – Not many mysteries here.  Industry needs a reliable trustworthy non-interfering government, along with all the services and social services provided by, and taxed for by that government.  It also needs a history of profitability and loyal well trained staff.  If an industry has this, then investment in that industry will take care of its self, and investors will not look elsewhere.  This is not the case in Southern Africa – investors and expertise are looking elsewhere.  Germany is hanging onto its good industrial reputation – for now.  The USA are still in good industrial shape, but on full alert for the dangers on the horizon.  Australia is complacently sitting pretty, and happily burning coal.

Employment – Every country’s, government and particularly its tax department, know the benefit of full or almost full employment.  This naturally produces growth and can easily cater for a rapidly expanding population, with confidence in theirs’, and their children’s future.  The flipside of this is a large percentage of the population either unemployed or unemployable, relying on those employed to provide them with food, clothing, shelter, and other social support.  And it is even worse, because this scenario requires the additional burden of administration.  Someone has to take hard-earned wealth from the Employed, and give it to the Unemployed, without any hope of ever getting it back.  This is usually seen (by the Employed) as too much, and at the same time, not enough (by the Un-employed).  This naturally causes animosity.  But the “too much / not enough” syndrome is not the only cause of this animosity.  One does not need to look too closely to see that the “Not Enough” component of the population are of a particular type, and are seriously infected by the “Dependency Syndrome”.  On closer inspection one notices there are also slight differences in race, colour, language, and/or education as well.  If this practice is allowed to continue in this way the “Dependency Syndrome” disease will quickly assume plague proportions.  As it has in South Africa with its reported six million immigrants, and as it has started in Germany with its 1, 5 to 2, 0 million immigrants, but not quite started in the USA with its more robust migration assessment regime.  I suspect the Dependency Syndrome has a foothold in Australia despite its very robust immigration laws, and has so far gone untreated.  The only defence the “Not Enough” component has to offer, is to shout Racist / Capitalist at the “Too much” component, and do their best to bring down those that are supporting them – another case of “Logically Illogical”.  Now Dealing with the Adversities:

Distractions – Some distractions are welcome, for example “A distractitude of Girls”, or a Multitude of Motorcycles.  Most distractions are not welcome, particularly in a country that is aspiring to Predictable Growth, Higher Education, Good Health, Peace, Comfort, a High Standard of Living and Nuclear Energy.  Unfortunately the distractions are many.

An untrustworthy, incompetent, and corrupt government is a massive distraction to business managers, professionals and the working class.  They are forever wondering what their government will do next, that can upset their businesses and their careers.  Will there be a scarcity of skilled professionals, if I expand?  Will our taxes increase?  Will our electricity and water supply be in jeopardy?  Will the fuel price go up? Will there be strikes and protests?  Will there be an increase in theft?  Will government services fail?  In South Africa, the answer is already a definite yes!  The obvious next question is – “What will I do about it”?  The frivolous answer to this question, is, stop work, fire a few people, close the factory, and make preparations for these shortfalls, before they take us by real surprise.  Worry, worry, worry.

Massive unfettered population increases is an all embracing distraction.  This distraction is exacerbated by the dwindling supply of housing, transport, jobs, electricity, water, sewage and education.  Not to mention, food and clothes.  This might be manageable if they were all loyal nationals, and carried some kind of allegiance to their country of nationality – but I suspect that is not the case!   The greater part of this population explosion consists of un-invited foreign nationals, bringing forth their non-language, non-commercial and non-technical skills.  Thinly disguised under the name of migrants or refugees.  Germany received nearly 2 million thinly disguised (Donald Trump said, “they all look like soldiers to me”) migrants during November & December 2015, and January February 2016.

The reason? Germany’s “Cause Conscience” government ! ! And what a distraction that is turning out to be!  Diverting Germany’s critical, high-tech resources to molly coddle this lot with water, electricity, sewerage, garbage removal etc. etc. Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Sanitary Engineers, Garbage Removal Technicians, Police Officers, Plumbers and Carpenters will be fully utilized, with the absolute certainty they will never get any of it back.  Germany’s costly migrant distraction will continue and escalate way past the foreseeable future.  South Africa has a government quoted figure of 6 million foreign nationals (so called migrants) already living within its borders.  There is no need to predict the results of this distraction, it is already here, and in your face.  There is 30 something % un-employment.  The most noticeable distractions are, theft of post, theft of cables, theft of electricity, looting of retail outlets, general destruction and burning of property.  But there are no jobs for them, and they still multiply.  Why is this allowed?  Because of Racism (Favouring your own).  The migrants are of similar hue to the government – irrespective of anything else.  In fact the South African government is a major distraction to itself.  The promises and counter promises, lies and counter lies and the general political posturing between the parties distracts the politicians to such a degree, there is no time for seriously governing the country.  We even have a political party calling themselves EFF (Everything For Free).  This is substantially why the migrants are pretty much left to their own devices, and why they came to South Africa in the first place.  Yes, there are distractions to every worthwhile endeavour, particularly building a Nuclear Reactor.

Confusion – Or, the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.  Where politics gets mixed up with practicalities.  For example; in South Africa, because of the drought, one prominent politician sought to score political points, by blaming the previous “Separate Development” government (AKA apartheid) for building the country’s dams too big, and therefore are taking too long to fill.  Also because of the drought, another, more practical politician suggested that government should look into the possibility of raising the country’s dam walls.  Result – Confusion !  In Germany before and during the Fukushima era, because of industrial and public demand for more reliable clean electricity, and because Germany only has poor quality Lignite coal, the German government built a number (about 16, I think) of Nuclear Electricity Generating plants.

A great idea!  When the Fukushima event hit the headlines, the German government decided to immediately switch off half of their Nuclear Power Plants.  And make a politically Green showing at the same time.  But how can this be?  Some of the Green population were happy about the NPPs being switched off.  Other Greens in the population were un-happy about the lignite burning power stations continuing (actually stepped up) to spew pollution – including mercury and uranium – into the countryside.  Shortly afterwards German industry was predicting a shortfall of electricity, so the German government decided to build more Coal Fired Power Stations.  Up until today’s date (2016), about 20, I think.   Now, I am not certain of this, but I suspect some, or most, of those switched off NPPs still have their fires burning – on idle of course.  Now, Germany has an influx of around 2 million un-invited so-called migrants placing a more than expected demand on electricity.  And if these so-called migrants are ever nationalized, will they vote Green ?  Result – Confusion.  Getting back to South Africa, The ruling party (ANC) has now pretty much realized (without admitting it) that they do not have the capability to right the wrongs (read confusion) they have created, and have decided that the best thing to do is ask the population to pray for them (the politicians) so that they may have good health and I suppose divine guidance, to arrive at the correct decisions, and carry out the deeds, necessary for a happy and prosperous South Africa.  Did I mention that this has been tried before, and as far as I know, has never worked, here or anywhere else.  Result – Confusion.  Because some people think prayers may work, and most know prayers will not.

Another source of confusion is “Politically Correctness”.  To me, this equates to plain outright lying.  The corollary of this is “Political In-correctness”.    It is of course the practise of not saying what you actually think because of politeness, or the fear of offending someone’s feeble-minded sensitivities.  These sensitivities can & do include political opinion, education, language, appearance, numeracy, religion, nationality, smell, ability, colour, custom and race.  Just about any characteristic you can think of.  But like the “Dependency Syndrome “sufferers, mentioned earlier, it has become a permanent state of sickness.  Furthermore, it is not just political rhetoric.  I have personally observed a Black Man show immediate anger when I called him a Black Man, after he called me an old man – which I am.

I have also noticed, as have most people, that White Caucasians are immune to Political In-correctness and so-called Racist Remarks, and the Dependency Syndrome disease – Aren’t they (The White Caucasians) lucky.  Other populations are not so lucky and are more or less susceptible to this affliction to a degree, pretty much proportional to their position on the colour-bar chart, all the way down, or up, to the other end.  As usual there are exceptions, not many, but enough to exacerbate the confusion.  The result of Political Correctness – it causes Massive Confusion.

Next on the confusion list is Religion.  If you are sitting on the side-line, and see huge populations (millions) of, say muslems doing their thing, and then next day you see equal numbers of, say christians doing their thing.  Then you cannot help but wonder if perhaps one of them is maybe correct.  Logic tells us that only one of them (I have only mentioned two religions) might be right, but not both.  But both of them, or all religions for that matter, could very well be wrong.  A bit like answers to a True or False quiz show.  In fact, it is worse than confusing, because trust, or lack of it, enters into this picture in a big way.  There are other quandaries that come to mind.  One is, that I have not heard of organized religion ever discussing this problem of a huge disparity in beliefs, even within its own belief group.  Two is, I have also not heard of any religious organizations discussing with each other, or amongst themselves how the inevitable clashes between opposing believers can be averted.  In fact, the opposite seems to be true.  Three is, if any of these religions are so great, then why are the religions forcible trying to spread their belief, instead of keeping it to themselves – This is substantially against human nature.  And purely as an observation: I have often heard it said that “not all muslems are bad / or terrorists”.  I accept that, but they do no good in the christian sense either.  I have never seen, or heard of a muslem group or country going out of their way to assist a non-muslem country, group or individual in need of assistance.  Religion has nothing to add, or offer to science, and is another source of Immeasurable Confusion.  I suggest that human endeavour could very well do without it.

Dilution – Using the dictionary meaning.  Dilution is the result of all the above mentioned Adversities.  The most noticeable dilutions are occurring in Language and education, the most noticeable locations are Germany and Africa, and the most noticeable reasons are an uninhibited invasion by so-called migrants, coupled with exponential Natural Population Growth.  In Africa, the Natural Population Growth consists of many languages and a variety of similar cultures, and dissimilar religions, which in itself contributes to the dilution of Language and Education.  To be specific, I am referring to Technical and Commercial Language, and Technical and Commercial Education.  The influx of un-invited invaders into Germany and South Africa only exacerbates the already growing Dilution.   The next most noticeable dilution is that of the employed workforce by the unemployed workforce.  Judging by the amount of people in African Cities, outlying suburbs and the very fringes of the metropolis that are seen either sitting around, wandering around or undertaking low level – off the grid employment – and then extrapolating that to their friends, spouses and colleagues that are sitting around in off street locations.  By adding these two together there is an enormous amount of unemployed or under-employed people in Africa.  In Germany, the government insists that their un-invited migrants are cared for to a fairly high level, and in doing so, thus divert a big proportion of German Technology, Industrial Output, and the People who are needed to develop and maintain these advanced skills.  I suspect this scenario will continue to dilute for several generations.  Worse still, this dilution comes at a time (2016) when the world – Including Germany, and South Africa – Should be in an unburdened position to passionately embrace Nuclear Energy.  But the skills to do so are being eroded (diluted) to such a degree, that it may no longer be possible.  However I think with a determined and immediate political turn-around, Germany can recover.  In South Africa the government does not insist, I think more accurately does not care, about the well-being of their invited (stamp in passport), or un-invited (no stamp in passport) migrants.  But, unlike Germany, South Africa has been suffering dilution at the hands of their own government sanctioned migrants – and high levels of natural population growth, for a much longer period.  I would say in the order of 12 to 18 years.

South Africa’s Education, Language, Technology and Commercial Skills have already been diluted to a filament.  But just to make sure, South African students, workers and migrants alike, continue to burn schools and universities, refuse to sit exams, and demand promotions and academic qualifications.  This could not come at a worse time in South Africa’s history.  South Africa is running substantially on Coal Fired power stations, although it has an old, but functioning (albeit with rumours of hiccups on the horizon) single Nuclear Power Plant.  There is also an assortment of small wind and solar power plants.  Most of the Coal Fired plants are very old, and urgently need to be replaced / overhauled.   This is / was not a problem 12 or 18 years ago (Pre-skills dilution era), and two massive coal fired power stations (Kusile, near Witbank and Madupi near Ellisras) were duly slapped on to the drawing board, tenders were called for, and construction started – scheduled for completion around 2012, at a cost of Rands X.  According to the government owned electricity company – Eskom.  This was followed by a new estimate of early 2015 at a cost of Rands 6X.  Now the latest estimate is 2017 at a cost of Rands 21X.  Now, I have personally seen these power stations construction sites recently (Feb. 2016) and estimate them to be maybe 1/2 – 2/3rds complete.  Some economic commentators suggest that the design is so old and the cost spiralling out of control, that these projects should be abandoned.  But the nearby coal mines, and vital equipment suppliers are already being paid penalties for their waiting time.  Racism – “Favouring your own” & BEE. “Black Economic Empowerment” – laws prevents the appointment of proper cost and construction managers.  One proposal, which has since been put into effect, is to increase the current price of electricity (to the public) to cover the construction over-run.  Again, Logically Illogical.  Other in-your-face examples of mismanagement are the government Post Office, Where no one except the government dares post a letter, and Johannesburg’s city toll roads, where no one pays tolls.  There are many other examples of deterioration.   The dilution rot is now well established.

Nuclear Energy: Is a complicated, expensive and high-tech business to get involved in.  In any given country, just to conceptualize it requires an enormous amount of dedicated, educated and experienced human in-put.

The question of where to site a proposed Nuclear Power Plant in the first instance incorporates many variables.  NPPs like to be close to cold oceans, but also like to be near to where their clients are.  NPPs also like to be built close to existing Roads, Railways and Sea Ports, but also like to be close to their in-country component manufacturers.  NPPs hate to be fitted with damaged-in-transit components.  NPPs will not under any circumstances agree to being built on Geotechnical unstable foundations.  NPPs love nothing more than to have a team of highly qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers and Cost Engineers (complete with their algebra & calculus “A” games) working on their most economic build location.   Lastly, before you even start work, any NPP worth its Fuel Rods, will want to be sure there is an uninterrupted and on-going finance supply.  But whoa !  Wait a minute.  Who will my new owner be??  Well Sir that would be a South African government department or Parastatal.  Probably the Electricity Supply Commission (ESKOM).  “Er, yes, well, how long did you say I would be under construction?”  “Remember there will most likely be more than one of us (NPPs)”.   In March 2016 (only 2 weeks ago) the Nuclear Africa Conference was held in Fourways, South Africa.  Although I could not attend – due to an injury – I was on the periphery.  All the world players were there NECSA’s Phumzile Tshelane, Nuclear Africa’s Dr. Kelvin Kemm, IAEA’s Mikhail Chudakov, World Nuclear Association’s Dr. Helmut Englebrecht, Rosatom’s Victor Polikarpov, and his big boss Nikolay Drosdov.  Representatives of South Africa’s National Nuclear Regulator, Representatives of URENCO (International Nuclear Fuel Rod Manufacturer),  Dr. Terry Cuttler of Cuttler & Associates, Canada.  ESKOM’s Brian Molefe.  Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited’s Trevor Blench, and dozens of others from China, Russia, America, South Korea and Europe.  I was a Gala Affair.  An air of co-operation prevailed.  Money was not openly discussed.  The South African Nuclear Future seemed clear and unhindered.  Then on the second day when, at 10h45 South Africa’s Minister for Energy (Tina Joemat- Pettersson) was scheduled to speak, she was simply not there.  The organizers and delegates were naturally embarrassed and disappointed.  There was no phone call, or message of any description.  Only later did an apology come forth with the explanation of more (ha ha) Pressing Affairs. I noticed in her prepared speech (pre-published in the program) she was going to tell the delegates of the government’s commitment to Nuclear Energy, and how important this conference is.

May I say that this is typical of government “Stumbling Blocks” that will plague the Nuclear Program?  I suspect other delegates quietly took note.  It was also noted that the Russian Delegates taught other delegates a thing or two about drinking vodka.

I also noticed that, at the Nuclear Africa conference of March 2013 the then minister for energy Ms. Dipuo Peters (I wonder what happened to her), along with deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe, simultaneously announced government’s commitment to Nuclear Energy.  In their announcements these two alluded to other developments that government was committed to, such as improved roads, exports, electricity and water.  This just served to bring my attention to how these so-called improvements have actually deteriorated in those 3 years.  But why the inaction for these last 3 years.  I can suggest a few reasons: – No one in government knows how to write a “Request for Expression of Interest” letter.  No one in government knows how much it will cost, and no one in government knows if, or how that cost can be found.

Conclusion: – Somehow, someone, has managed to hoodwink most of the world’s population into believing that the best way forward into the everlasting future is for those population groups, nations and societies that have worked hard, studied hard and naturally gathered some wealth, should now feel obliged to share it with other population groups, nations, religions and races who have for centuries been un-able to develop anything, and consequently gathered no wealth.  These wealth-less nations are also sick with the Dependency Syndrome, and will get sicker as more charity is applied.  Within the brackets of wealth, I include Intellectual Property, such as Education, Language, Commerce, Technology and Social Harmony.  Without this kind of wealth it is near impossible to enter the Nuclear Age, and discard the Carbon Age.  Some of the Nuclear Haves (but not all) are able and willing to provide Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) to the Have Nots.  These hoodwinked nations only succeed in diluting their own wealth to a level where they are no longer able to build, order, pay-for, or maintain a number of NPPs.   

 South Africa is one country that now finds itself firmly embedded in this forlorn situation with regard to embracing Nuclear Energy, and everything that goes with it.  It is just short of, if not actually, being utterly doomed to never, ever building additional Nuclear Potential.   South Africa is afflicted with nearly all the adverse conditions mentioned above.  A massive, and immediate turnaround is necessary to halt South Africa’s slide into economic and intellectual poverty.  The turnaround’s ultimate aim being to promote the concept of Nuclear Energy as an acceptable, welcome and desirable source of energy into the immediate and foreseeable future – easily said, but how?  The onslaught, and it has to be an onslaught should be launched at the voting public in the first instance.  The opening thrust should be aimed at dispelling the myths, and real dangers emanating from Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island.  This must include the latest developments in plant design, mitigating the previous disasters.  Followed closely by a second front, again aimed at the same voting public, and the soon to be voting public (students), establishing the security of the current Radio Active waste sites, and the even more secure waste sites of the future.  Careful consideration should be given to the topic of re-using some of the waste site materials to make future fuel rods. As seen from the public’s perspective.  (The let sleeping neutrons lie syndrome).  You could say we are going to convert the Greens to GREEN!

Of course this onslaught should be directed at the intellectual level prevailing in South Africa at present.  I coach maths around some learning institutions, and can say that numbers do not mean much to this target, but benefits put forward in simple language will be well understood.

My limited experience with construction work (I was an Engineering Surveyor for ten or twelve years) is enough to tell me that present construction methods and safety, need to be vastly upgraded. The practise of recruiting labourers and tradesmen from the street, and handing them over to a gang boss will no longer be anywhere near good enough.  Specialized training must start pretty damn soon.  The trainees should be given an air of – this is very new and super important, and you my dear construction worker are at the forefront, the cutting edge, of this great future.  But it is not all that easy.

Training Manuals will need to be wisely written, and possibly modified later, to cater for different groups, depending on exactly where the Nuclear Build sites are located.  Everyone on that Build Site must know and understand how important his job, and safety are, and be proud of that knowledge.  Religion, should be left out of it.  I am certain, when it comes to Nuclear Energy the bible, and koran are entirely silent.

Project Management, Procurement, Logistics and Government. 

Naturally Project Management Personnel will need to be well Qualified, Internationally Experienced, probably Nuclear Licenced, and familiar with the latest “Project Management Software”, of which a variety of vendors exist in South Africa (Johannesburg infact).  The same must be said for the Procurement Team.  The Procurement Team selection process has to be extremely rigid, with zero indulgence for forced political appointments, although I guess the overall client (He who pays the piper) may demand some representation in the management structure.  One way to preclude a token appointment would be to write the criteria for the jobs (and other managerial jobs) well in advance, and have it approved and well accepted by all concerned, particularly the client.  Rather make contractual arrangements to cater for hands-off Liaison Officers.  With the Logistics Team, nothing should be left to chance.  These guys / girls should be all well experienced visa’d up and prepared to travel with the containers if necessary.  Late deliveries of critical components can upset the best of critical-path networks.  To be honest I am not up to date with these procedures, and will say no more.

Government: Left until last, but should be addressed first.  I view the South African Government, in its present character and make-up to be the biggest stumbling block of all, on the path to Nuclear Energy in South Africa.  There is nothing about this Government that any Nuclear Build Program would want on their side. –  Except that this Government will, most likely turn out to be The Client.  This Government has repeatedly stated their commitment to Nuclear Energy, and Green Pease has repeatedly told them to move it off the agenda, as being too dangerous and too costly.  As far as I can see this could be, or is already, a major stalemate, along with other indecisions.

Therefore the first main thrust at the Government, and the Public.  Lobbying should concern safety, in all its aspects.  There is more than enough information about, to come up with a realistic cost estimate, and construction time frame.  Although not in South Africa.  Also I suspect the Russian, American, Chinese, and South Korean Nuclear Suppliers are standing by at their keyboards ready to quote – if only they were asked to do so!  Once this cost, and construction time is established, the uncertainty card is taken out of the nay-sayer’s pack.  As an aside to this, I think that without Nuclear Energy, and Genetically Modified Organisms, Greenpeace would shrivel up and die.   But I leave this to the professional Lobbyists.

How to lobby the case for Nuclear Energy deserves some serious thought.  I would think a TV type documentary would be a good first move.  It should also be viewable on YouTube type web sites.  It should address the following aspects: –

Coal Fired Stations. – Their emissions, health hazards, and looming shortages, and forced locations – where the coal is.

Nuclear Fired Stations. – Safety.  With solid technical, and common sense argument.  Emissions. They are emission free.  What can be done with unlimited, and reliable electricity supply.  IE Industry, Jobs, desalination of seawater, electric cars, not reliant on wind and sunshine.  24 / 7.

Nuclear Cost. – Can be taken from a history of many completed Nuclear Builds already operating throughout the world.  Then modified to accommodate South African circumstances.  The same can be said for construction times – There are plenty of historic examples.

Nuclear Enemies, and Their Weapons. – Should be identified and defeated before they are used against the Nuclear Effort.  This should be incorporated in the TV documentary.  For example, Australia is a reputable country, but as an identity is Anti-Nuclear.  Why is that?  Australia is not an enemy, but can be used as a weapon.

Nuclear Training. – The benefits, employment, and status of Nuclear Technicians in the future, and around the world. Identifying such people.

Government Benefits. – With unlimited electricity, the South African Government could actually fulfil most of their wild promises.  This is an important lobbying aspect, and should be emphatically put to the Government.

Examples. – The documentary should use some examples of Nuclear Regimes. Such as Germany as messy nuclear / coal example. South Korea, or Russia as shining nuclear examples.  South Africa as a run-down coal burning example, and what it could be.  Mineral and Industry wise,

If for any reason these stumbling blocks can not be overcome in the very near future, South Africa as an aspiring Modern Country is totally doomed.  Some concerted effort is required.




Jim Morris.


  1. Hey Jimbo, first of all I want to congratulate you to your brave website.
    I do respect your motto, “RIDE HARD, SHOOT STRAIGHT, AND SPEAK THE TRUTH”, even if I feel that such a stern motto doesn’t leave you with enough room to come up with YOUR solutions to the problems you have mentioned. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be a voice in the desert, writing only for yourself, just venting your frustrations, applying some kind of of occupational therapy, some intellectual form of masturbation. All the problems you’ve brought up need be solved or they will eventually solve themselves, a thought that is too ghastly to contemplate.
    May your website bloom, may your texts fire up your readers, setting off wild brain-storming sessions that spawn great ideas and constructive solutions. Take care, Win

  2. My word dear Jim where does this all come from!! Great bit of writing carefully thought out

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